Plate - Printed aluminum

Printed aluminum plate

• Quality material, resistant and durable

• Metallic and glossy finish ideal for displaying your logo or important text

• The plate can be drilled to be riveted or there is also the possibility of adding a resistant adhesive

• Possibility of having rounded corners

• Primarily designed for indoor display if you want your colors to stay true for a long time


Product color
This is a printed aluminum nameplate that you can easily personalize with any color you want.

Plate thickness
Our printed aluminum nameplates can be 0.02 ”(0.5mm) thick. Silver and white colors are available in 0.04 ”(0.1 mm). Resistance The strength offered by quality aluminum means that its nameplates can be used safely indoors for a long time.

Hanging the plate
It is possible to hang your printed aluminum plates using rivets in holes that we can drill on your plate. Otherwise, our standard adhesive is resistant to outdoor temperatures and we have a thicker adhesive available on request that works in harsh environment.

Rounded corners
It is possible to put rounded corners to your printed aluminum plates to give them a better finish.

Maximum dimensions
Our equipment allows us to engrave plastic sheets up to 24 x 48 inches (610 mm x 1220 mm).

Made in Canada
Our printed aluminum plates are made in Quebec.

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