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Custom name tags - Printed metal or engraved plastic

Name tag - Metal - Standard shape
Name tag - Metal - Custom shape
Name tag - Plastic - Standard shape
Name tag - Plastic - Custom shape

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Name tag - Metal - Standard shape - Inspiration 104
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Name tag - Metal - Standard shape - Inspiration 177

The advantages of name tags

The name tag may seem like a simple object in its concept, but it is precisely its simplicity that makes its strength in making it a flashy accessory and which can give good added value to your customer service without having to say a word !

Each market has its level of competition and its different ways of standing out. Name tags are ideal for standing out from your competitors by adding a touch of aesthetics and attention to detail.

The advantage of Wetag name tags is that your employees representing your company can proudly display a personalized name tag reflecting your company's ideas and values.

The name tag can make all the difference when it comes to gratifying, congratulating and motivating employees to surpass themselves when in contact with customers or even between colleagues. An accessory made with the names and positions of employees is an excellent sign of recognition from the employer.

The major advantage of the name tag remains its very affordable price for all the benefits provided to your customers as well as to your employees.

We manufacture our name tags with quality materials made especially to meet all the needs regarding the regular and long-lasting use of name tags.

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Guide for buying your name tags

Starting a business and ensuring its success require investing a lot of time and energy. This is especially true at the beginning, as you need a lot of thinking and planning to make sure what you’re building has a solid foundation and wouldn’t crumble at the first sign of trouble. You have to think out every detail with care, and plan for every step along the way. Buying name tags for your staff is one of these many steps. And although it might not need as much labor to complete as other complex tasks, it still require a decent amount of time and effort.

One of the first steps when it comes to buying any product is finding the right supplier. The same applies to the acquisition of name tags. This is why we decided to create a thorough guide on how to find the best supplier for your specific name tags needs.

Are you looking for name tags for your employees? Do you need to purchase more than one name tag a year? Then the following guide is meant for you.

Because your first order will be your first experience with name tags and name tag suppliers, it should be done carefully. Selecting the right supplier might not be an easy task when you don’t know much about name tags. We advise you to do some research before opting for a supplier. Some suppliers offer free samples which would allow you to test the product before making your choice.

Keep in mind that name tags are custom-made which means that manufacturing techniques differ from one supplier to another. In order to ensure that there’s consistency in the apparel of your employees, it’s very important that you get the same type and quality of product for every name tag you buy. So if you find a supplier you’re satisfied with, you should stick with them.

There will be times when you will need to order a single name tag. This can be due to the loss of a badge or the hiring of a new employee. This is something to consider when choosing your supplier as some suppliers require a minimum purchase quantity while others have high delivery costs. You will need to find a supplier who allows you to buy one name tag at a time with reasonable shipping fees.

Some suppliers offer specific programs geared toward easing the ordering process. Some of these programs can allow you to pre-purchase your name badges so you won’t have to worry about payments every time you need a name tag. This solution can help ease financial management. That said, you should keep in mind that shipment fees are likely to be applied for each name tag, so ordering only 10 name tags at a time might not be to your advantage.

One of the most important elements to consider when choosing a supplier is shipment times. In order to be able to get a name tag as soon as you need it, you should look for a supplier that offers short delivery times. A supplier that is based on the other side of the country might need 5 days to deliver a mail. Remember to check for manufacturing delay as well as transportation delays.

Tip: keep a few blank name badges on hand. That way, you can use a temporary one while waiting for the permanent one to arrive.

Because each supplier has their own manufacturing techniques, you will surely come across some that use very innovative techniques in order to create exclusive items. If you want to have a unique product that will allow you to stand out from your competitors, you should look for such suppliers. But you should keep in mind that exclusive products are usually more expensive, especially if they come in one unit.

When shopping for name badges, you may come across badges with similar descriptions but different prices. We advise you to carefully read and understand the descriptions. That’s how you’ll be able to compare the offers and make an informed decision. We also recommend to ask for samples in order to be able to test different products.

Many manufacturers located in the US offer better prices with decent delivery times. While this might seem like a good option, you have to take into consideration the import procedures that you have to follow in order to import any commercial goods to Canada. Custom clearance fees are a good example: for a 1000$ order, you will have to pay around 50$. A 20$ order will cost you about the same amount, which means your custom clearance fees will cost more than the actual goods you purchased. Finding a Canadian supplier will allow you to keep the delivery costs and delays at a minimum.

Buying a name tag might look like a simple enough action. But the reality is that name tag purchases are more of an investment, and as any other type of investment, they require some serious thinking and planning. We hope our guide can help you make a well-informed decision when shopping for name tags! You can see more guides here 

More information on our services

Samples available


After finding the materials you are interested in for your name tags, you can request a free sample to verify that our materials and production processes meet your needs. The name tag samples are sorted into the same 4 categories at the top of the page. That is, metal name tag of standard shape, metal name tag of custom shape, plastic name tag of standard shape and, finally, plastic name tag of custom shape. Name tags are also called name badges in some occasions and most people prefer the printed name tags over the plastic name tags because you can put more color on them.

Samples are usually sent by post letter via Canada Post, but it is possible to send them by parcel post if you wish to receive them faster. Additionally, if you require a different sample size or if you cannot find a sample of the material you are interested in you can contact us by email at

Engraving and printing


We offer a variety of materials that we can manufacture and customize to meticulously meet your name tag needs. By selecting the ideal material according to your needs, the color variant and finally filling in all the details on the personalization of your name tag you can be sure to find what you are looking for!!

Currently, we mainly offer printed aluminum as well as engraved plastic. Take the time to explore the choices to make sure you choose the right material to suit your needs. We have provided you with a lot of information on each of the materials in order to guide you in your choice. The esthetic of name badges is one of our specialities if you're looking for a printed name tag in metal or an engraved plastic name tag.

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We are a Canadian company that takes the level of satisfaction of its customers to heart. We try to offer the most personalized service while offering excellent quality products at a more than affordable price.

After 10 years of learning from we created Wetag to better meet your current needs. With Wetag, we have built a team that will constantly evolve products so that you find what you need quickly and easily..