About us

Nine years after launching Insignexpress (insignexpress.com), our website is being reborn. Let us introduce you to Wetag.

Our 15-person team is working on making custom nametags and labels to match our customers' needs and solve their identification problems. All of our products are made in Canada and shipped to both Canada and the United States. Wetag is the new version of our shop under a more collaborative name,offering a more powerful technology. We are constantly adding products to our offer: do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter because many of these products are exclusive!

The Wetag team is dedicated to answering your questions by email or chat under less than one business day. Phone support will soon be put in place so we can provide you with impeccable customer service.

You can not find a product online, are you looking for your nametag or your label?

Contact us, maybe it is not added to our shop yet.


1882 St-Charles Street

Portneuf (QC) Canada

G0A 2Y0