Plate - Engraved anodized aluminum

Engraved anodised aluminum plate

• High quality material, very resistant and durable in harsh environments

• Metallic finish of the engraving to display a logo or text being very visible despite the absence of color

• All the colors available for the background are black (three thicknesses), blue, red and gold

• The plate can be drilled to be riveted or there is the possibility of adding a resistant adhesive

• Inside / Outside


Product color
Our anodized aluminum plates are customizable with different colors such as black, blue, red and gold.

Engraving color
The engraving sharpens the aluminum which gives the engraving a matt gray color.

Plate thickness
For this anodized aluminum panel, it is possible to choose between different thicknesses, depending on the color of your choice.

The strength offered by anodized aluminum allows its engraved plates to be used both outdoors and indoors in a harsh environment for long life.

Resistance plus
Anodized aluminum plates are recognized for their resistance to heat, oxidation, corrosion and acids.

Hanging the plate
Your anodized aluminum plate can be hung with a rivet or adhesive, depending on your need. Our standard adhesive is strong enough to tolerate external temperatures, but a stronger option may also be available upon request.

Rounded corners
You have the option of rounding the corners of your anodized aluminum nameplates to improve the finish.

Maximum dimensions
Our equipment allows us to engrave anodized aluminum sheets on an area up to 8 x 8 inches (203 mm x 203 mm).

Made in Canada
Our engraved anodized aluminum plates are made in Quebec.

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