Colop Printer R-30 Round

The Round Stamp than you can personalize !
The Colop Printer R-30 Round has a round imprint that can accommodate several lines of text and or an image.
It is a practical and easy-to-use office self-inking round stamp.
Its open shape and transparent casing make it easy to place the imprint at a precise spot on the paper.
Streamlining your workflow is your goal?
With our custom self-inking round stamps we assure you a more time-efficient in writing the sender's address on envelopes, processing invoices, and much more.
Plus, the content possibilities of self-inking round stamps are endless, ranging from your initials or a simple logo for personal use in greeting cards to more elaborate graphics for professional use.
This stamp is a made in Canada self-inking rubber round stamp and, it will be available to you and ready to use within three days.
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*Production 2-3 working days