Award plate Ornate - Custom

Ornate honorary plaques offer :

- Five formats with different dimensions

Possibility of custom dimensions

Bevel included for a finish worthy of the ones deserving this plate model

This type of honor platee is elegant, refined and made of high quality acid etched aluminum to be one of the most coveted plates among the luxury type.


The Ornate award plate represents a very elegant and coveted style among luxury plates. The clean and refined design can compliment any content whether it's to honor a team's success or to honor the passing of a colleague.

This award plate model is possible thanks to the expertise of our staff who perfectly master the art of acid engraving on thick aluminum plates. Each of our plates is meticulously analyzed to ensure the absence of defects in order to maximize the satisfaction of our customers. The Ornate honorary plaque is our most premium model and has always exceeded the expectations of our most demanding customers.

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*Model of award plate exclusive to Wetag

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