Award plate Honoris - Custom

The Honoris honorary plate offer several options : 

Three formats for the center plate

Four color of metal available with the possibility of custom color

Two orientations of the wooden supports for an impressive impact on the end result.

Natural birch wood available with the choice between three applicable stains and the possibility of having your custom stain.

This type of honorary plate is arched, stylized and honorable to constitute a plaque of original form that goes out of the way to mark an event or a success just as unusual.


The Honoris model of honorary plate represents a very versatile style of plaque that can also be used to honor the success or departure of one or more people in your organization. The unique design of this plaque in addition to the many options allows it to compliment any decor.

Honorary plaques are an area well known to the Wetag team and we are constantly trying to reinvent it to better meet your wants and needs. Our flexibility in being able to make curved plaques as well as to work with solid wood allowed us to develop the Honoris honorary plate of which we are very proud. This plate is possible thanks to our advanced equipment, but also thanks to our talented employees dedicated and passionate about making quality products.

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*Model of award plate exclusive to Wetag

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