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Our name tags offer includes metal and plastic name tags that can be standard or customized!

Wetag even offers a free design service to help you create the perfect name tag template for your domain.

Being a manufacturer, our prices are the most competitive in the name tag market, whether in large or small quantities!

Most efficient system for re-ordering in less than 2 minutes!

Finally, we work hard to offer you the best personalized and fast service according to your needs by sending you a free proof before each order.


Our rubber stamps and ink pads offer includes self-inking, pre-inked, pre-inked high definition and traditional stamps.

Wetag has been supplying stamps since 1958 to companies in all fields.

We distinguish ourselves by the speed of our service as well as our very affordable prices in addition to free proofs!


Our honorary plates and plates of recognition are now available online with a super efficient ordering system that helps you tell us exactly what you want.

We offer plaques for all wallets ranging from $59.99 to over $1000 !

We offer award plates in metal, glass and with wooden supports to also satisfy all tastes!

Wetag even offers a free design service to help you arrange the items in your honorary plate or plate of recognition.


Our name plates can be used both for interior signage and to identify heavy machinery in environments with toxic products.

Very competitive prices and easy to reorder.

Whether for metal or plastic sheet needs, we have what you need !

More information on our services

Samples available


After finding the materials you are interested in for your name tags, you can request a free sample to verify that our materials and production processes meet your needs. The name tag samples are sorted into the same 4 categories at the top of the page. That is, metal name tag of standard shape, metal name tag of custom shape, plastic name tag of standard shape and, finally, plastic name tag of custom shape. Name tags are also called name badges in some occasions and most people prefer the printed name tags over the plastic name tags because you can put more color on them.

Samples are usually sent by post letter via Canada Post, but it is possible to send them by parcel post if you wish to receive them faster. Additionally, if you require a different sample size or if you cannot find a sample of the material you are interested in you can contact us by email at sales@wetag.ca.

Quick and free quotes !


All proof requests for our name tags, rubber stamps, award plates, recognition plates, honorary plates and name plates are free and available in as little as 48 hours. We have trained our staff so that you can have an accurate price with all the details of your quote as quickly as possible.

About us


We are a Canadian company that takes the level of satisfaction of its customers to heart. We try to offer the most personalized service while offering excellent quality products at a more than affordable price.

After 10 years of learning from insignexpress.com we created Wetag to better meet your current needs. With Wetag, we have built a team that will constantly evolve products so that you find what you need quickly and easily..